Best Things to Do in Dubai Every Traveler Will Love

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? We've got just the guide for you.

Bathed in light and wealth, Dubai has become one of the premier destinations for tourists of all backgrounds. It sits pretty in the ancient Arabian desert and provides some of the best scenery that humankind has ever known.

It also provides a lot in the way of things to do. Because of the immense amount of money currently in Dubai, there's no shortage of manmade marvels in addition to the natural phenomena. 

Here, we'll show you some of the best things to do in Dubai while you're there on vacation. It can be overwhelming if you're visiting this place for just a few days, so we'll focus on some of the top attractions. Let's get started.

Best Things to Do in Dubai

What Are The Best Things to Do in Dubai?

Dubai is all about the contrast between the old and the new. The extreme architecture funded by the world's wealthiest state mixed with some of the oldest inhabited lands on the planet. Here are a few of the must-see things that will blow your mind in this beautiful city.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa has to be seen in person to be believed. The tower stands 828 meters high, making it the tallest manmade structure in the world.

A trip to the "At The Top" viewing deck will give you a sprawling view of the city and you'll truly feel like you're looking down on the world.

City Tours

You might say that no trip to any city is complete without a city tour and Dubai is no different. If you've only got a few days in Dubai, a city tour from Royal Eagle Tourism will show you everything you need to see in one fell swoop.

Dubai is famous for its grand architecture, from its skyscrapers to the incredible mosques. See it all on our 4-hour tour for only 175 AED per person.

Jumeirah Mosque

If you forego a city-wide tour, a trip to the Jumeirah Mosque is an absolute must. This massive place of worship overlooks the coast North of the Dubai Marina. Unlike other mosques in Dubai, tourists are welcome inside to marvel at the architecture and decor.

Jumeirah Beach

Just down the way is Jumeirah beach, which will give you one of the most beautiful views of Dubai's city skyline. Go during the day and you'll be treated to a bustling and sunny outdoor experience with sunbathers, watersport enthusiasts, and the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf.

Desert Safari

While you're in the desert, you've got to partake in a safari and walk the lands that have been explored for many millennia. Our tours give you a complete safari experience with live dance shows, fire dancing, camel rides through the dunes, and fantastic food and drink, among other things.

We'll pick you up in one of our 4x4's and chauffeur you to our site, then you just sit back and enjoy the desert experience.

Yacht Charter

Although you have a lot of things to do in Dubai even if you are on a 30 days long trip, you can have a unique activity each day. But at some point, if you feel like you have covered all the things to do on the land of Dubai - Let's move to offshore ventures. Charter a yacht and enjoy a long cruise. Yacht Booking in Dubai is no more difficult these days almost all yacht charter sites now offer an online booking facility. Somehow if budget is your concern than shared yacht trip is your option to opt-in.

Get Lost In the City In the Desert

Dubai is too rich in culture and sightseeing to visit for just a few days. If you must, though, the best things to do in Dubai can be found in Royal Eagle Tourism's city tours or desert safari experiences.

Visit our site today to look at our various tour packages and plan your trip to beautiful Dubai today!