Dining in the Desert: Can't Miss Restaurants in Dubai

There are over 9,000 restaurants in Dubai, but it may be hard to find a local dish since less than 1% serve Emirati food. That is because Dubai is a melting pot of international culture and cuisine.

Restaurants in Dubai

Come for the multi-ethnic food and stay for the extravagant views and unique decór that Dubai has to offer. 

Read on to find the top restaurants in Dubai that you can't miss on your next trip.


Catch a late Chic brunch on the pier surrounded by the Arabian Gulf with a stunning view of the Burj Al Arab, the famous 7-star hotel and architectural wonder. 

Later in the day, have dinner in Dubai with a menu serving delicacies of the sea as three-course meals or a variety of a la carte options.

Al Dawaar

The best places to eat in Dubai are places that showoff their stunning skyline and coastal views. Al Dawaar does both as a revolving rooftop restaurant on top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Its open concept kitchen allows you to witness the creation of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mediterranean dishes. Don't worry about picking one dish because it is served as an inclusive luxury buffet. 

Royal Dhow Cruise

If you are looking for Dubai restaurants that offer more than a meal then try a dinner cruise on the Dubai Creek. 

Start your 2-hour romantic moonlight cruise with an authentic Arabic buffet followed by a traditional Tanoura belly dancing show. 

Bleu Blanc

Step into the whimsical French atmosphere of Bleu Blanc that immerses you in a rustic yet elegant style resembling a cottage in France. 

It is also known as one of the best restaurants in Dubai for its culinary talents and exceptional presentations.

Aprons and Hammers

Some of the top restaurants in Dubai are more casual and playful. This beachy seafood hangout encourages you to grab an apron and hammer to start cracking open your meal of crabs, clams, lobsters, and oysters.

After your meal, you are only a few steps away from an evening stroll along the shore. 


This Hollywood-inspired restaurant is acclaimed for its cozy yet decadent interior. Covering the whole floor of the Towers Rotana Hotel, its grandeur resembles a theater that is able to seat 180 patrons. 

The food is just as vast including Japanese sushi, Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Italian flavors. 

Pots, Pans, and Boards

This take on a British homestyle restaurant encourages sharing straight from the cooking dish as the owner did as a child. Diners eat side-by-side on long wooden tables to indulge in large family-size meals.

The walls also resemble home with old cooking utensils hanging from the ceiling, racks of spices lining the shelves, and original kitchen tiles highlighting the walls. 

Discovering Restaurants in Dubai 

This list of restaurants in Dubai only shows a small portion of what the city has to offer. It will be hard to decide on where to eat all your meals as you encounter hundreds of restaurants. 

The best strategy is to plan your meals around your activities. Find places that are convenient during your travels. 

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