Who wouldn’t want to visit Dubai. Ever since the 90’s this city has been growing and creating some great tourist sights and creating some amazing attraction that are unmatched anywhere else. At the moment the largest hotel and mall can be found in Dubai not to mention the world’s largest aquarium. The main mall even boost an indoor ski slope and endless unique shops. Other cool luxurious attractions in Dubai include some very beautiful and unforgettable dining experiences. Such as eating at the Ossiano a large five course seafood restaurant that shares its walls with the aquarium and over 65,000 different marine creatures. No wonder Dubai was ranked 7th in 2013 by Forbes magazine as one of the most visited cities in the world.

If luxury and culture are not your main travel interest. Our ATV Quad Bike Tours Dubai might just be what you are looking for. These tours are perfect for someone wanting to just get away from it all for an afternoon or a day and just explore the dunes of Dubai on our bikes. If you already love mountain biking or four wheeling where else can you explore the quiet expanse of desert dunes? What better way to remember this remarkable city than a top one of our ATV quad bikes? If camels and horses aren’t for you but seeing a wide open horizon and speeding along the sand dunes sounds like the perfect way to explore Dubai then contact us to find out what dates work to book your trip today and fit in this gem of an experience.