Fishing is all about anticipation and techniques to get praise on a big catch. It is one of the intriguing adventures of UAE as in the history we find that the locals prefer fishing and it was their favorite meal.

To go fishing you first need to learn the basic techniques like if you are fishing in UAE the main technique is angling that is a catch with hook, netting or trapping. Boosting of over 500 marine species, the Gulf water is a house of sailfish, king fish, black tip sharks, parrot fish, groupers etc. Dubai itself is considered as the largest destination of sailfish in the world.

The best part of fishing is the deep sea fishing. You can go deep sea and can explore and exploit the beauty of water world. You should have a fishing license which is free in Dubai and can be avail online on the Dubai Municipality portal (

However in Abu Dhabi, it will cost you around 30DHM for a week but hold on, if you merge with any company it will be free for you and the good news is, the company will bear all your expenses of this fishing trip. It will also provide you with fishing rods, deep sea fishing experience and instructions and also all the stuff you will need for fishing. For beginners, the company provides free training under the sea with instructors to guide the individual.

Fishing is an art which is fruitful for everyone and also you can choose luxurious yacht in Dubai which provides you an opportunity to fish under the sun and then cook the catch on the yacht with a mesmerizing smell which will make you rejoicing. So, if you are a fan of big fishing game in the day or night, depends what you prefer, then go for it and enjoy the sun, sea and sand which will be an unforgettable part of your life.