Dubai is a place which everyone wants to visit once. Either you are a tourist or new residents Dubai offers you to visit many beautiful places including hotels, souks, desert, skyscrapers etc.
Here is a list of places you can visit:

1. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a place one must visit in Dubai. It is the world’s one of the 7 star hotels and fourth tallest building. It is the luxurious hotel and illuminated by choreographed lighting making it look beautiful in the night. It is the most important photographic sight in the world especially from the beach beside it from where you can get the background of this attractive hotel.

2. Burj Al Khalifa

Have you ever dreamed of looking the world from 124th level of a building? Whether yes or no you must try doing this only on Burj Al Khalifa. It the world’s tallest building starting from the lower point which has the Dubai Mall and then you will be entertained through a slideshow on history of Dubai as you go further.

3. Dubai Fountains

Beside the tallest tower there is also the world’s largest fountain which is as long as 50 storey building. It the most important sight of attraction for the tourists. It operates daily and is called the dancing fountain.

4. Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis is a magical resort on a man-made island which captures the world attraction with its magnificent sight and ingenuity. It is situated on the The Palm. It offers plethora of things for couples as well as for families like:

 The water park- Aqua venture

 Unique Marine Habitats- the Lost Chamber

 The Spa to make your senses alive

 Cosmopolitan boutiques

 Mesmerizing cuisine from 18 restaurants.

5. Global Village

As per the name global village is a place which attracts people from all over the world from last 15 years. It is the place where one can enjoy rides, tasty cuisine, authentic handicraft, breath taking performances etc. It remains open from November till March every year.

6. The Palm island

Palm Jumeirah has everything you need to spend a luxurious holiday. Visitors are offered with beautiful beaches, shopping malls, cuisine, bars and clubs at night and also dance performances. Day activities include aquarium, water sports, relaxing on beaches etc.

7. Dubai Creek

The natural beauty lies in the center of Dubai as dazzling water which offers a historical sight of Dubai which can be seen by taking a Dhow which lit up in night and offers many entertaining things inside it and an abra which is a small boat takes you to the historic views of futuristic Dubai.

8. Ski Dubai

It is the first indoor ski activity for tourists and residents where everyone from beginners to ski athlete can enjoy snow skiing, snow fighting, snowboarding, tobogganing etc. It will provide you with all basic facilities like winter clothing, ski boards and basic facilities also.

9. Desert Safari

Desert Safari is the heart of Dubai and it attracts millions of tourists every year. It includes dune bashing, quad bike adventure and beautiful sunset on soft sand. In the night it provides you with Bedouin style camp, belly dancing and tanoura show.

10. Dubai Marina

Dubai marina is one of the man-made marinas in the world and has beautiful views of many Dubai buildings through different luxurious yacht arranged by Dubai Yacht Club which attracts a lot of tourists who plan family gatherings, wedding etc. on the luxurious yacht.