Looking to start 2016 off right? Why not choose to schedule a desert safari in Dubai? Located along the Persian Gulf coast, the United Arab Emirate’s much-loved city offers intrepid travelers a juxtaposition of worldly delights. And just outside the city limits, two recreational areas await. Known as the Hatta Heritage Village and Al Weer, each has its own unique highlights.

Hatta is known for its rock formations and remnants of a once bustling, 16th century village. Al Weer, on the other hand, is a popular winter destination that’s often remembered for its connection to the famous Emirates Road and 20th century Bedouin camps. Despite their differences, both areas have spots perfect for four-wheeling.

It’s one of several motorsports that draws adventure-loving individuals to Dubai’s recreational areas year round. Dune bashing, ATV quad bike riding and sand skiing are just a handful of others. All involve riding through the UAE’s beautiful landscape at top speeds. So no matter which destination is on the agenda, travelers should expect to feel the wind and sun caress their faces throughout the entire experience.

But of course high-octane activities like dune bashing and ATV riding aren’t all that await those on desert safari trips to Dubai. There are culturally influenced diversions too. Among them are desert photography sessions, sheesha smoking, camel riding, henna tattoo artistry and traditional, live entertainment complete with ethnic libations.

Just imagine sitting around the Hubbly Bubbly, sipping gahwa and watching tanura dancers work their magic. It’s those types of activities and more that will make travelers feel like sheiks for a day. And let’s not fail to mention the Arab cuisine! Who wouldn’t want to taste the Persian Gulf’s most amazing dishes?

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