Corporate Event

Are you looking to inspire or boost your team efficiency? We offer corporate events that are proven to realize key benefits for your company. This is only possible by an event management agency who has sufficient knowledge to well-planned and deliver the precise requirement. Regardless to the reasons and purposes that the company chooses, its important for the person who is responsible for the planning to make sure that they make the appropriate reservations for everyone involved.


Corporate Event Prices (at Desert Camp or Dhow Cruise)

Corporate MeetingDepend On booking
Corporate eventDepend On booking                   


Starting with a cultural icon of Dubai, people will ride on wooden vessel that simulates the experience of traveling with Sinbad. Couples who attend together will enjoy dinner onboard with an enchanting scenery around them, while they relax and listen to music in their background.

* If you are staying in hotel please provide your hotel name and room number.